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Passenger elevators – with a load capacity of 400/630/800/1000/3000/5000 kg. with a speed of 0.5 to 4 m / s. Our elevators are made of stainless steel or polymer powder coating. We offer both ready-made standard versions and those made on an individual project. Our elevators are bright, comfortable and high-tech cars with modern design, perfect security system, smooth running and accurate stops.

Load Capacity

450 / 630 / 800 / 1000 / 2000 kg.


Stainless steel

Elevator Cabin Lift Group


from 0,5 up to 4 м/с


Machine Room / Machine Roomless

Elevators are made with machine and without machine room. When choosing an elevator, every buyer probably wondered: “Which elevator is better: with or without machine room?”. In order to fully and accurately answer this question, you need to find out what machine room is. The machine room is the area where the machine, control panel and other necessary equipment will be placed. To the machine room, there are stringent requirements. It must be of such a size that the access to all nodes and mechanisms is unhindered to repair and maintenance of elevator components. Necessarily condition is the presence of a area in front of the entrance. The machine room can be placed both above and below the elevator. What to do if it is necessary to install an elevator, and there is no free space in the building for the machine room? Previously, it was an impossible. But now, with a compact and gearless machine, elevators without a machine room is possible.

Advantages of elevators without machine room:
– significant savings of useful area of the building, does not need the extra space for equipment;
– freedom in architectural decisions:
– ease of installation works;
– energy savings;
– good adjustability of the elevator.
– easy maintenance of the elevator.
– opportunity to save space by modern technical solutions enables architects to be freer in their projects, and the residents of old houses give the opportunity not to climb stairs, and take the elevator.

Why, then, has so far install the elevator with machine room? A certain of time ago, like everything new, elevators without a machine room were much more expensive than the classic elevator. Now prices are gradually equalize and can even predict that the main part of the elevators in the future will be without a machine room. As you can see, the elevator without machine room at the expense of advantages (compactness, economy, ease of installation and maintenance) can be called a elevator of the future.
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