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The problems that have people with disabilities, are easily solved with lifts for disabled. For example – stairs. To overcome it a person with a disability does not need titanic efforts, if you install a special lifting platform. Lifts for the disabled – a vehicle for people with disabilities. It may also be relevant for older people. Disabled lifts are an indispensable modern lift that provides comfortable service and movement of disabled people. Disabled lifts are install at the entrance and inside buildings that do not have elevators or are difficult to install in residential buildings, public areas, public institutions, medical and social centers, office and shopping centers, etc.

Distinctive features of the elevator for disabled:
– installation of the control station at the height of the disabled carriage;
– doorway width 900 mm;


Vertikalniy podyomnik dlya invalidov


Inclined lift for disabled



For Pool

Mobile Lifts for disabled


Mobilniy podyomnik dlya invalidov


For bus

For Bus

For Minibus

For Minibus

все виды инвалидных подъёмников

All types of lifts for disabled

Lifts for disabled vertical or inclined
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