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How to choose an elevator?

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With Machine Room or Machine Roomless

Let’s first determine what the engine room is for?
The machine room is the area where the winch will be placed, the elevator control cabinet and other necessary equipment.
To the machine room, there are quite stringent requirements.
It must be of such size that the repair and maintenance of elevators is carried out efficiently,
and access to all nodes and mechanisms was unhindered. A prerequisite is the presence of a site in front of the entrance.
The machine room can be placed both above and below the elevator. What to do if the installation of the elevator is vital,
and in the building there is no free space for the machine room? Previously, it was an impossible task.
But now, thanks to a compact and gearless winch, elevators without a machine room is quite feasible.
Advantages of elevators without machine room:
– does not require additional space for equipment;
– freedom in architectural solutions:
– ease of installation;
– significant energy savings;
– ease of maintenance, and hence reducing costs for the owner of the elevator.
– the opportunity to save space by modern technical solutions allows architects
to be freer in their projects, and for the residents of old houses it is possible not to climb the stairs, but to get comfortable.


Beyond the scope of use, elevators are divided into several types:

  • passenger;
  • freight;
  • hospital;

Each type of elevator is divided into several groups.

Passenger elevators:

  • ordinary;
  • panoramic;
  • cottage;

Freight elevators:

  • ordinary;
  • small cargo (kitchen);
  • automobile, etc.

If you are building a multi-storey house, then 450/630 kg will be optimal for you. passenger lift. If desired, you can also install a freight elevator so that it is easier for people with disabilities and parents with a stroller to climb and descend. And also, to raise the furniture or heavy things on the upper floors is not difficult. Passenger elevators can also be installed in stores, shopping centers and in hospitals.


The elevator car can be a variety of design execution. For example, standard or luxury, luxury cabin design. The premium design options for luxury homes, banks, offices, hotels use embossed, polished stainless steel with a different coating, glass panels, mirror surfaces, details made of expensive materials, gold colored, natural or artificial stone floors, etc. .

Additionally, you can install:

  • mirror;
  • if necessary, install the
  • phone;
  • fan;
  • display panels
  • information displays
  • access restriction device (mechanical or electronic key);
  • braille buttons;
  • passenger evacuation system;
  • CCTV Cameras
  • photo barrier on the cabin door, etc.
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