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Homelifts – in our time is no longer something unusual. People want to live in the most comfortable conditions, move in the home quickly and easily, and home lifts helps them with that.

Home elevators, seeming at first sight unnecessary, in fact, are convenient, and sometimes necessary for home. A staircase is one of the obstacles that has to be overcome daily: moving through floors, lifting luggage, shopping, etc. It is difficult for older and disabled people.

Homelift is necessary if the disabled person lives in the house. The absence of the machine room significantly reduces the size and complexity of the design, provides a comparative ease of it. From the simplicity of the design follows the ease of maintenance. Elevators for home are usually designed for the simultaneous transportation of one or two passengers, which is explained by the modest size of the shaft and the cabin.

Коттеджный лифт
коттеджный лифт
kottedjniy lift
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