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Escalator — are lifting mechanisms, with an angle inclination of 30 – 35 degrees.

The principle of operation of the escalator: steps and handrail is driven through a gearbox and chain mechanism by an electric motor. Escalators are mainly used in shopping centers, subways, train stations and airports. Floor escalators are relatively compact. Differ in lift height and angle of inclination of 30 and 35 degrees. More diverse and different design, equipment and width of the step from 0.5 – 1 m.

Advantages of the escalator:

  • large bandwidth;
  • when disconnecting the power supply and breakdowns it is possible to use it as an ordinary staircase.
  • Innovative and stylish design;
  • Premium comfort and silence during transport;

Escalator disadvantages:

  • the inability to use when transporting carts and large and heavy goods and purchases;
  • the need to use floor platforms for lifting to the next floor;
  • the price of an escalator is higher than the price of a standard elevator.

Moving walk – facilitates and accelerates the movement of passengers. Used in exhibition centers, airports, shops, shopping centers. Subdivided into inclined and horizontal. Inclination angle – from 0 to 12 degrees.

Escalator - Moving walk

Moving walks differ with:

  • design,
  • angle of inclination,
  • width and length of the tape.

Moving walks are uses in large shopping centers for comfort visitors thanks to their indisputable benefits.

The advantages of the moving walks:

  • the ability to move carts, baby strollers and disabled carriage;
  • the possibility of fixing carts equipped with special anti-skid (fixing) device (with an oblique version).
  • the ability to move the overall (long) cargo and goods.


  • small angle of inclination unlike escalators.

The capacity of the escalator and the moving walk depends on the speed, width of the step. The key to reliability, durability, energy saving, smoothness, low noise at work is not only the correct selection of equipment, quality of installation work, but also timely and competent maintenance of competent employees of the service company.

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