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Dumbwaiters will help optimize the work of various services that operate on different floors of the same building. Load capacity can meet the needs of any restaurant, hotel, hospital, office, small production or warehouse.

For Library

In the library (or in the bookshop) such an elevator – indispensable assistant when moving books. Using such an elevator, the reader will no longer wait book.

Library elevator
Restaurant elevator

For Restaurant

Kitchen elevator uses for transferring dishes and food between the kitchen and the restaurant hall. Constant movements from one room to another take a lot of time and slow down the service, so using a kitchen elevator has considered the best decision.

For Office

If your office is located in a multi-storey building, then the small freight elevators are the best decision for your office. You and your employees will no longer have to carry stairs, small but still heavy things, such as document folders, daily mailings etc. A small freight elevator will make your work much easier and will save time.

Office elevator
Home dumbwaiter

For Home

Small freight elevators are very popular with owners of country houses and multi-level apartments. If the house has several floors, then the lift will be useful in order, for example, to deliver purchases from the garage directly to the kitchen. And also the kitchen elevator is convenient even if the dining room and kitchen are spaced apart on different floors. The elevator can be installed in any convenient place for the owner and to lift the necessary weights with it.

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